With TEAMology, SEL Foundations have CONTEXT and provide lessons that are specific to each grade level

Grade-specific lessons that have CONTEXT

Each SEL Foundation is taught over the course of three main lessons specific to each grade level K-8. Students are first taught the skill, the importance of the skill, and how to use it in their daily lives. Then they are given the opportunity to practice each skill in a team building game or activity. Finally, every student will relate each skill to their future career in their individual career journal.

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Join us on October 30, 2020!We are hosting a virtual fireside chat!

What kind of impact will innovation make on the emotional wellness of our students? That’s what we’re looking to explore during this 2 hour fireside chat. We have a panel of experts ready to discuss how we can make sure our students are emotionally ready to handle the future.

  • 10/30/2020
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