Ruby Resiliency

You are so close to leaving that school for winter break! We know how hard it is to get through those last few days, so here’s a checklist of things you can to do prepare:

  1. Remember that some of your students may not be as excited to leave school for an extended period of time. By now you probably know your students well enough to identify who may struggle for food to eat and may not get as many (if any) gifts. A quick lesson on resiliency may be helpful even for kids not in that situation. Our students can be just as stressed out as their parents as this time approaches, so coping skills are needed.
  2. If you find you have 5 minutes or less and need something to do, try out one of our video challenges! Record it and challenge another one of your colleagues to try it with their class. Test your TEAMwork!
  3. It may take a little bit of time (which we know is in short supply) before you leave, write a list of positive items from the beginning of the school year. You can do this for yourself or to share with students and parents, but reflecting on all the amazing accomplishments you’ve achieved let’s you leave the building on a positive attitude. Leave it on your desk to remind you when you return.
  4. Review your calendar for the break and carve out time for YOU! Read some books, have a spa day, go for a walk, listen to podcasts, work out. You’ll feel so much better for it.
  5. Enjoy the time with your loved ones!

 From the entire TEAMology family, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season! 

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