Meet The TEAMologists

Linsey Covert

Linsey Covert, M.Ed., LPC, NCC

General Manager of the TEAM

Every TEAM has a General Manager that oversees the TEAM direction and sets the goals for the year and the future. Linsey is perfect in that role. Her desire to see the foundations the TEAM has created influence teachers, parents and students is unwavering and an inspiration for the entire TEAM. “The TEAM is growing, and teachers continually joining the TEAM keeps me going every day. If we stick closely to the mission, we will be a major force in preparing students for life’s challenges”.


Lisa DiBernardo, M.Ed., LPC, NCC

Head Trainer of the TEAM

Every successful TEAM needs a top notch trainer to keep the players healthy and, well, on the court or field.  Every day, Lisa provides Professional Development training and yes, administers first-aid to TEAM members.  She leads staff in trainings that re-ignite the flame in teachers and motivate them to bring out their best abilities, which is something only special people can do.  Lisa is special. “I love seeing teachers realize that making an even bigger impact on students’ emotional well-being is not in conflict with the pressure of their everyday responsibilities”.

Donna Rhodes, MS


As TEAM captain, Donna keeps an eye on her TEAMmates, understands their individual needs and creates curriculum, activities, lessons, and interventions that help the TEAM work together to accomplish their goals; more successful students and teachers that trust the process. “Creating meaningful, impactful curriculum that all TEAMmates have input on, and helps students grow up as productive citizens, is a passion of mine”.



Dr. JoLynn V. Carney

Team Analyst

JoLynn analyzes the day to day data from the TEAM. She tracks stats to improve TEAM performance and make sure the TEAM is research compliant. Dr. Carney is a principal investigator of Project TEAM at Penn State University. She is an associate professor of Counselor Education and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. Her research and publications focus on youth violence specifically school violence, peer-on-peer abuse, and adolescent suicide. Dr. Carney has worked closely with schools on reducing school violence and expanding educational, cultural, and personal opportunities for under-served youth.

Dr. Richard Hazler

Team Analyst

Richard analyzes the day to day data from the TEAM. He tracks stats to improve TEAM performance and make sure the team is research compliant. Dr. Hazler is a principal investigator of Project TEAM at Penn State University. He is a professor in charge of Counselor Education and Coordinator of the Elementary School Counseling program. One area of his research and writing focuses on how bullying, harassment, and ostracism can impact social, emotional and behavioral development in childhood and later life. Dr. Hazler is also noted for his work on humanistic approaches to counseling and counselor training.
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