Understanding & Learning SEL

Understanding & Learning Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

Sustainable success requires more than just tools to measure success. It requires the research, curriculum, content, environment, community, materials and expertise to deliver that success in the first place. Those are turnkey resources incorporated into Teamology, so you can set your team up for success.

In addition to the platform, our engagement materials complement the message, helping to engage and reinforce the skills learned in the curriculum, all while elevating the school-wide team

Get Inspired: Professional Development

Our primary focus is on whole-school programming. However, we recognize that some schools are simply not ready. Maybe it’s the middle of the school year, maybe you’re just waiting for funding or maybe you already use our program, but want a refresher. For those kinds of scenarios, we offer key elements of our program as Professional Development (PD) sessions. We offer PD hours and can deliver all of these sessions in person, on site.

House with SEL foundations

On Demand: If you only need a light refresher to reinforce what you already know or need a higher-level overview to get oriented to SEL, we can schedule a video conference with your team. We’ll record the session and make it available to you.

On Site: If you are kicking off your Teamology initiative or want a deeper dive with a bigger audience, then we can work with you to tailor the ideal partial or full day On Site training.


Getting Started and Readiness Assessment Guide

Preparation and planning are essential to a success implementation. We will help you create a team to plan and implement your use of Teamology

Create a TEAM Committee

A diverse group of staff members should represent differing positions and perspectives in the school. Your committee will meet regularly throughout the school year to assess and adapt.

Create a Plan and Kick Off

Our Guide will help you decide where to place materials, set goals, and plan events before the start of the program.  A kick off assembly will get things rolling by introducing students to the whole program.

Full Implementation

Everyone will be on the same page, including students, teachers, aids, nurses, bus drivers and cafeteria staff. Using a common language throughout the day, students are awareded teamwork tickets for using the foundations.

T-shirt front view

Get Engaged: Materials & Learning Aids

We have designed character-based engagement items such as t-shirts, posters, card decks and other items that become invaluable in reinforcing key lessons, amplifying team culture or providing entertaining rewards.

Cards in the House

This deck of 152 cards contains quick SEL team building activities and thought provoking conversation starters. They help students gain social and emotional skills through engaging prompts and games, so it will not feel like a chore and students eagerly participate.


T-shirts provide a feeling of team among all who wear them. T-shirts sport our six SEL foundations and remind staff and students, alike, the importance of being “In the House.”


Enhance your  TEAMology programming with our character posters. Use the posters in hallways or multi-purpose areas as a means of instilling a team culture or hang them in classrooms to refer back to as you are integrating our SEL foundations into every part of your day.

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