Build Teacher Teams, Reduce Turnover with a Sustainable

Social Emotional Learning Framework

Friday, August 4th 11:00-11:50am

Monday, August 7th 9:00-9:50am

Friday, August 11th 2:00-2:50pm

Event Details

  • Free 50 minute webinar

  • Each participant receives free TEAMology pledge poster

13,000 students, 400 teachers and 50 administrators throughout PA and NJ reduced turnover and increased student outcomes using TEAMology.


Introductions: Linsey Covert, M.Ed., NCC, LPC and Lisa DiBernardo M.Ed., NCC, LPC. Combined they have trained and deployed this Cloud based Platform in school districts across PA and NJ. 12 Years of development and researched outcomes.

  • The gap in training on Social Emotional Learning/Character Education – Important data shared

  • SEL/Character Education now gaining in national conversation

    • Why?

    • Data points from national employers

  • SE Issues are major reason your schools lose students to Charter and Cyber

    • Cost to PA Public School Budgets: Data will be supplied

    • Phone Campaign to recruit your students happens every July-August

  • 13,000 students, 400 teachers in PA and NJ using TEAMology

    • Outcome data (Penn State University and school provided)

  • Why TEAMology is working

    • Connects SEL and Character Education to a larger picture – makes sense for students

    • The TEAM concept is proven to effectively make positive impact

  • Cloud Platform Advantages

    • Everything TEAMology has produced over 12 years is in an easy to navigate Cloud Platform

      • 12 years, million plus dollars invested, 6 year research study

    • Proven results available to PDE directly from Cloud (badging, career exploration)

    • Compatible with all other efforts in career development and meets mandates

  • How to increase parental involvement

Who Should Attend

Superintendents, Administrators, School Principals

Please email a TEAMologist to set up your webinar