Creating Team Culture

Building Team Culture

Our innovative TEAM Model is a school-wide movement to help schools evolve into TEAM oriented cultures. Our TEAM teachers help students understand the value and significance of teamwork and leadership and create a positive school climate, bringing everyone in the school together to work toward common goals. This, in turn, creates a sense of belonging and an accepting community making for a more productive social and academic environment.

SEL Foundation Skills

Each Character represents an SEL foundation skill: Helping Others, Positive Change, Anti-Bullying, Resiliency, Problem Solving and Leadership.

Students are reinforced daily with these six Foundations. They learn how each foundation is interconnected and how each one is needed for successful lives in and out of school, now and for their futures.

House with SEL foundations
Elementary and Middle School Harper - Helping Others
Elementary and Middle School Paco - Positive Change
Elementary and Middle School Amelia - Anti-Bullying







Elementary and Middle School Ruby - Resiliency
Elementary and Middle School Lamar - Leadership

The Characters

Representing and supporting the six Foundations are six characters:

  • Harper (Helping Others)
  • Paco (Positive Change)
  • Amelia (Anti-Bullying)
  • Ruby (Resiliency)
  • Philo (Problem Solving)
  • Lamar (Leadership)

Initially, the characters appear as Elementary School children. As students get older, there are older versions of the characters, too


Career Integration

Each of the characters also has a Career Pathway: Human Services, Health Services, Industrial Technology & Engineering; Business & Marketing, Natural Resources, Arts & Communication.

The characters help bring the SEL foundations to life, as well as help students see how important these concepts are for their futures.

Paco Positive Change
Screenshot of platform dashboard

Bringing it Together with the House

Finally, all of the characters are pulled together using a “house” metaphor. Each character is used as a key element of the house.

By “building” the house together, students come to understand that the house is a place of unity and respect, where everyone is accepted and belongs. They need each other to build this TEAM house.

Are you in the House?

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