The TEAM Approach PD PA

Co-Partners: Penn State University, TEAMology

This Professional Development Training will include ideas and research behind the new TEAM approach for schools. TEAMologists will facilitate a unique training experience to talk about what schools can do to:

  • Build a positive TEAM oriented culture where students feel connected and empowered to succeed
  • Use a holistic approach starting in Kindergarten to create these positive climates
  • Teach interconnected life skills, tied to their future careers, to promote student success
  • Integrate Project TEAM with existing programs and frameworks (such as PBIS, SWEBS)
  • Integrate STEAM and career education goals with the TEAM model

Who Should Attend

Elementary and Middle School Teachers, Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Case Managers and Administrators

Participants will get an in-depth look at Project TEAM – a program based on the TEAM Approach that provides curriculum, materials and resources for an exciting and successful plan that meets and aligns with state policies, mandates, standards and frameworks. Visit to learn more about Project TEAM.


Linsey Covert is the CEO/Founder of TEAMology, Lisa DiBernardo manages training for TEAMology, Dr. Richard Hazler is a principle investigator for Project TEAM at Penn State University and Robert Powell is Asst Principal at Propel School (Northside)


Submit questions to be addressed. Help us make this a productive training for you and your district.

Professional Development Credit

6 hours of Act 48 Credits