TEAMtalk is an intuitive, cloud-based, student-facing platform built to understand, support, and report on students’ social and emotional well-being for grades 3-8. This out-of-the-box, user-friendly technology focuses on:

  • Triaging the needs of students faster
  • Alleviating stress from the school team
  • Gathering and reporting on critical student information regarding their social and emotional well-being
  • Providing real-time tips and strategies for students
  • Offering real-time coaching for individuals, small group, or whole classroom

TEAMtalk was built to better understand where kids are socially and emotionally, what students need individually, and how to provide real-time assistance to support both students and school teams.

How it works

Meet Ruby Resiliency! She helps kids learn to face challenges head on.

Ruby Resiliency

We are kicking off TEAMtalk with Resiliency – a core facet of social emotional wellness

TEAMtalk with Ruby focuses on resiliency, the ability to bounce back when something tough or hard happens. Ruby helps students understand they can overcome obstacles and further explores the ability to cope with problems and find hope. Ruby recognizes that to be resilient, we need to be able to take care of ourselves, help take care of others, and understand the importance of having positive influences and people to take care of us. Click on the features below to read more.

Danger Words Recognition

Built into the screening tool are “danger words” that are recognized as the student chats with Ruby. If any danger word is flagged during the process, an alert will be sent instantly to TEAMology who in turn will directly contact an on-site educator for immediate intervention..

Research-Based Technology

TEAMtalk with Ruby was built in partnership with Penn State Prevention and Tech02.  Students chat with Ruby and answer a set of evidence-based questions centered on the Children and Youth Evidence-Based Assessment.

Real-Time Support

Students receive real-time support and guidance from Ruby during their coaching sessions. Kids have an opportunity to chat with Ruby about a specific problem or obstacle and Ruby provides tips and strategies to help them through their problem.

The Platform

An AI-powered conversational evaluation and support tool designed to provide real-time support for both students and school teams.

Ruby TEAMtalk Platform Overview
Screening Tool

The AI-powered screening tool focuses on resiliency and measures how a student faces challenges and how they bounce back. Students chat with Ruby Resiliency and answer a set of evidence-based questions. Depending on the student’s age, the Ruby avatar changes her appearance between young Ruby and pre-teen Ruby.

There are four tracks in the screening tool:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • School
  • Self (coming soon)

Each track takes approximately 15 minutes to complete for each student, with 15-18 questions per track.


Once all tracks are completed, a report is generated for each student that is shared with the student, teacher, and parents for review. The report includes positive factors that affect the student’s resilience, student strengths, tips and strategies for both school and home to help improve student resilience and tips for students themselves

Also included in the reporting is an aggregated, comprehensive report to the school with the complete data of all students who finished the screening.

Coaching Sessions

There are many ways students can participate in a coaching session. The screening tool is one of the referral mechanisms for the coaching, however students can partake in a coaching session without completing the screening process.

Kids get strategies, tips, and guidance to help overcome obstacles or setbacks in an individual, small group, or classroom setting.

TEAMtalk is the perfect combination of trained professionals and intuitive technology.

It is important to note that the coaching session does not replace counseling or therapy. It is not a diagnostic tool and does not treat any diagnosis. The Ruby coaching is meant to triage the needs of the school.

The Impact

100% of students who have used TEAMtalk reported preferring to chat with Ruby over a teacher or counselor.

Screening Report

TEAMtalk provides real results and real impact in the classroom. According to the pilot schools, they have reported:

  • 100% of students reported preferring to talk with Ruby Resilience over a parent, teacher or counselor. This was due to feeling as though she was non-judgmental, a safe environment and non-threatening.
  • More than 80% of students who completed the resilience screening asked to have a follow-up coaching session with Ruby Resilience.
  • Nearly 100% of students reported the tips and strategies were helpful and something they could use right away in their lives.


Whether you are looking to implement TEAMtalk in one classroom, school, or district, we have the right pricing package to fit your needs. All pricing is based per student. For more information, please fill out the form below.

Child Working with Ruby on TEAMtalk

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